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Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a beacon of modern and fast-fashion trends, largely due to its masterful use of social media influence and quick trend adoption, thanks in part to the direction of CEO Richard Saghian. When styling their pieces for a business casual environment, the game is all about balancing comfort with professionalism, much like the balance Paul Poiret struck in his iconic designs for the House of Worth in the early 20th century.

Professional Styling Tips: Fashion Nova for Business Casual Attire

Base Layers

Start by selecting the foundation of your outfit. Choose from Fashion Nova’s range of:

  • Polo-Style Shirts: Opt for solid colors or subtle patterns.
  • Oxford-Style Shirts: A crisp white Oxford shirt pairs well with any bottom.
  • Blouses: Flowy blouses add femininity to your attire and work well layered under blazers.

Bottoms Fashion Nova

When picking out bottoms, consider trying:

  • Mid-Length Skirts: Aim for a hem that hits just above or at the knee – perfect for Fashion Nova’s pencil skirts or A-lines.
  • Pants: Fashion Nova’s collection may include chic tailored pants in classic black, navy, or brown colors.


Round off your outfit with appropriate footwear:

  • Flats: A pair of chic ballet flats provides comfort and style.
  • Heels: A low to mid heel keeps things professional without sacrificing a fashion-forward look.
  • Dress Shoes: Fashion Nova’s sleek boots or loafers can elevate any business casual look.

Accessorizing Your Outfit with Fashion Nova

Complement your Fashion Nova picks with accessories such as:

  • Belts: To define your waistline or add a pop of color.
  • Simple Jewelry: Minimalistic pieces can add sophistication to your outfit.
  • Watches or Bracelets: These can serve as statement pieces without becoming a distraction.

Add a Pop of Color

Vibrant Dresses and Jumpsuits

  • Bold Prints: Mix and match solid colors with Fashion Nova’s bold prints for a balanced outfit. Avoid print overkill by keeping accessories minimal.
  • Bright Colors: Anchor bright and neon-colored pieces with neutral accessories for a daytime ensemble, or go all-out glam with glittery add-ons for evening wear.

Layering for Success

Layering pieces can transition your look from office-ready to evening chic:

  • Blazers: A structured blazer thrown over your shoulders offers a professional edge.
  • Cardigans: For a more relaxed yet polished look, choose a fitted cardigan.

Choosing the Right Bottoms

Whether you go for Fashion Nova’s jeans or more formal pants, keep the color scheme in tune with business casual. Stick to classic colors like brown, black, and blue. Darker denim can also work if the dress code is on the relaxed side.

Example Outfit:

For Women: Team a pair of Fashion Nova high-rise trousers with a tucked-in oxford shirt for a smart yet comfortable look. Add pointy flats or block heels to elevate the style.

For Men: Select a pair of neatly pressed straight-leg slacks or dark-wash Fashion Nova jeans, depending on the formality required.


Aim for closed-toe options such as flats, heels, or dress shoes. Fashion Nova’s shoe range offers smart boots, sleek pumps, or stylish loafers that set the tone for a professionally curated look.

Example Outfit:

For Women: Pair strappy heels with ankle-length trousers or chic mules with a flowing midi skirt.

For Men: Complete your outfit with leather loafers or oxfords that marry comfort with style.

The Final Touch

Ensure everything fits well and complements your body type. Tailored clothing always looks professional and stylish. Remember, even in a business casual setting Further, it’s crucial to maintain a groomed appearance, so finish your look with tidy hair and, if you wear makeup, keep it understated and classic.

Channeling the innovative spirit of designer Paul Poiret, mix and match Fashion Nova pieces to create looks that are both contemporary and suitable for a business casual setting. By following these tips and letting your personal taste guide you, you can style Fashion Nova attire with the flair of a pro!

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